Digital Marketing Scams - 5 Ways Small Businesses Get Scammed

Digital marketing fraud is out of control globally with an estimated 90% of all digital markeing and search engine optimisation services being fraudulent in nature.

This includes.

  1. Promise of page one search engine rankings
  2. Freelance seo services scams providing no value
  3. Sale of hyperlinks on fake manipulated 3rd party seo metrics valued domain names
  4. Link building scams
  5. Guest Posting Scams
  6. Blogging for brands scams
  7. Common over priced zero value digital marketing scams
  8. Non effective search engine optionsation scams
  9. Fiverr freelance fraud
  10. Press Release Distribution Fraud
  11. Detecting real content vs AI or scrapped internet content
  12. Search Engine Guidelines And Policy Breaches.
  13. Delisting Events
  14. Cyber Crimes

If you think you make be the victim of any of the above services or scams listed give us a call. We have highly skilled evaluators to determin over 100 different factors that goes into these fraudent activies.

We are professionals at analysiing services and products within this digial industry including analytical meaurements of hyperlink values. .

Other Evaluations.

  • Domain Name Search Engine Authority Evaluation
  • Domain Name Cost Evaluations
  • Website Worth Evaluations
  • Digital Marketing Cost Evaluation
  • False Website Representations
  • False Digital Advertising
  • Click Bait Scheme
  • Pay Per Click Fraud
  • Google Adsense Fraud
  • Hyperlink Detox And Disavow Services
  • Domain Name And Website Reputation Repair.
  • Duplicate & Unauthroised Content Removal.
  • The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) – Complaints